Get ready to witness the never before innovation with us that will transform the entire gamut of TPA!

EnoviQ’s Third Party Administration is the all-in-one solution for your organization, benefiting you minimize cost, delivering better services, and improving turnaround time.

What EnoviQ offers-

  • Compatibility with any other external systems to handle the ever changing demands of the market.
  • A singular system can handle policies and claims for Retail as well as for Group Business.
  • Front end driven configurator provides simple steps to configure the products for numerous insurers.
  • The unique feature of implementing SLAs of insurers makes adherence to insurer’s processes totally system driven.
  • Smooth integration with third party and legacy applications, such as policy administration, CRM, etc.
  • Automates complex benefit calculations to drive high auto adjudication rates and reduce the risk of paying claims inaccurately.
  • With industry leading benefit plan configurability, EnoviQ coordinates administration of medical, vision, dental, fully insured products, disability, and more.

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